Why don’t we see more female leaders?

female leaders

I think so many of my colleagues above have covered a lot of the reasons from the overt patriarchy, the glass ceiling, the glass cliff, to perceived female weaknesses in the workplaces such as maternity leave, emotionally fragile, child care, and of course, husband care…don’t get me started on misandry within patriarchy. If we look […]

Oklahoma Girl Livin’ in the UK


So, I lived in the UK for about two and a half years, with my now husband, Glen, who is 100% born and bred English, not British. Yes, there is a difference. I know, it’s confusing. I know ya’ll are curious how my life and my opinions have changed since I have been here. I […]

How to Survive College on a Budget

uni lifestyle

When it comes to being a college student, you are continually faced with what feels like an endless array of challenges and a seemingly never ending line of hurdles you must overcome. The worst part being, unfortunately, these challenges are not just limited to your studies as a student. Living on a student budget can […]