January blue?


Well book a holiday big blogger readers, because we are off on our jollies in two days here at big blogger, the whole crew is ready to pack up and depart but before we go we wanted to wish you all a very merry and happy new year, thanks for visiting out blog in 2014 […]

Economy at Christmas


When it comes to this festive time of year, the shops and the UK economy is one of the best in Europe, but if you are a retailer and still operating in todays climate then indeed, what might you be able to do this Christmas to ensure that you have enough money and people coming […]

X Factor Week 5

What a week it was in the xfactor here in the UK> With Micheal Jackson vs, Queen the contest has never been so boring and it appears the the hasttag on twitter agrees, with all kinds of boring posts about the boring acts, we wonder if simon is actually paying people to care about this […]