Supreme Court Ruling

Americans have made it a habit to lead by example. The recent Supreme Court ruling making gay marriages official across the US is the latest in the list. It was at a time when the whole world was wondering if people belonging … [Read More...]

ldonon slum 1940

Dealing with Drug Addicts

Although many poeple might not want to deal with a drug addict, drugs can affect all and any walks of life. So if you are a millionaire or if you are living a council house then you too can be affected by drugs, but … [Read More...]

female leaders

Why don’t we see more female leaders?

I think so many of my colleagues above have covered a lot of the reasons from the overt patriarchy, the glass ceiling, the glass cliff, to perceived female weaknesses in the workplaces such as maternity leave, emotionally … [Read More...]


Oklahoma Girl Livin’ in the UK

So, I lived in the UK for about two and a half years, with my now husband, Glen, who is 100% born and bred English, not British. Yes, there is a difference. I know, it's confusing. I know ya'll are curious how my life and my … [Read More...]