There are many views kicking about around the recent referendum. With reports of racist activities on the up what can the people of the UK do to ensure that the transition away from Europe is a peaceful and pleasant process? … [Read More...]


Supreme Court Ruling

Americans have made it a habit to lead by example. The recent Supreme Court ruling making gay marriages official across the US is the latest in the list. It was at a time when the whole world was wondering if people belonging … [Read More...]

ldonon slum 1940

Dealing with Drug Addicts

Although many poeple might not want to deal with a drug addict, drugs can affect all and any walks of life. So if you are a millionaire or if you are living a council house then you too can be affected by drugs, but … [Read More...]

female leaders

Why don’t we see more female leaders?

I think so many of my colleagues above have covered a lot of the reasons from the overt patriarchy, the glass ceiling, the glass cliff, to perceived female weaknesses in the workplaces such as maternity leave, emotionally … [Read More...]